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6 Things You Should Remember While You Change Your Car’s Tyres

Installing a spare is by no means an easy task. From fixing the jack under the vehicle to mounting the spare, tyre fitting in Newark or anywhere else in the UK can end up becoming a backbreaking task.

Moreover, there are plenty of things that can go wrong! Something as minute as a loose lug or lost wheel weight can throw the wheels off-balance or out of alignment. So, it is necessary for every car owner to know about some intricate details of the process, and learn how to install a new tyre in their vehicle properly.

  1. Overtightening Won’t Help – Tightening the lug nuts too much can throw-off the alignment (initially at a minute scale) of your car’s wheels. Over time, as you keep driving, this misalignment will increase and might significantly affect the tyres and the suspension.

During tyre fitting in Newark, do not tighten once the lug is secure and offers good resistance post fitment. Alternatively, you can tag the ideal tightening spot after you get your car’s tyres replaced at a reputed service garage like Farnsfield Auto Centre. You can also have their experts help you with a set of new Tyres Newark.

  1. Zig-Zag Pattern – Tighten all lugs in a cross pattern to ensure proper fastening across the wheel. It will also prevent chances of misalignment as tightening two neighbouring lugs can inch the wheel assembly closer to that side.
  1. Tyre Grease is Your Friend – Tyre grease prevents rust, unwanted wear in the threads, and helps minimise friction between parts. Apply a generous amount of grease during tyre fitting in Newark or anywhere else in the country; it will protect the component and increase its service life significantly.
  1. Wheel Weights – Wheels weights are installed in rims to balance out the uneven weight distribution. They are usually removed during tyre fitting to minimise damage to the carcass.

However, wheel weights are not reusable. Its clips that hold it with the rim loses its resistance once they are uninstalled. You will have to fit new weights every time you remove them from the rim.

Ideally, you should take your car to a reputed service garage. They will be able to check its balance after installing the new unit for any inconsistency. Modern balancing machines are extremely accurate, capable of detecting even the minutest discrepancies with alignment. A technician can post the correct counterweight to reduce any imbalance with these machines.

  1. Jack Under the Support Points – Almost every car chassis has certain support points, a structurally reinforced location that can handle the entire car’s weight. Install the jack only under such a support point while changing your car’s tyres. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging its chassis.

These support points will be mentioned in the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Some manufacturers also mention these exact spots on the door sill plate of a car.

  1. Spares Should Have the Correct Air Pressure – Like any other type of tyres in Newark or anywhere else in the UK, spares too lose their air pressure during storage. Perform a routine check at least once every two months of the spare tyre’s air pressure; it will save you from any nasty surprises.

Remember these above mentioned tips, and you will be able to swap out your car’s tyres perfectly whenever you face an issue. It will save you money, extend its service life, and keep you safe during your daily commute. However, and take this as a proper note, if you’ve just bought a new set of quite expensive tyres, it is advisable to refer to a professional tyre fitting garage in Newark for perfect fitment.


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